Frequent Questions & Answers

What are your Management Fees and are they negotiable?

Answer: Since, no two properties are the same and depending on the scope of services you require, our fees can be negotiated to fit your particular situation. On the other hand, for full Service property management our Management Fees are as follows:
$185-$250/Month Flat Fee: Single Family - 4 Units (located on the same lot)
5 Units or More: 4.5%-6.5% of the monthly gross
All Fees are based on locality and degree of complexity

How much are your leasing fee and what does it includes?

• Answer: $500-$600/Unit, includes:
Tenant Screening/Background Check
Employment Verification
• Advertisement
• Property Showing with prospective Tenants
• Move In Inventory List

Dose Suba Management Solutions charge a setup fee?

Answer: For Single Family Homes-6 Units: No, Setup Fee will be required For 7 units or more: One time only $150.00 Setup fee

Will I have to notify my tenants that I have hired a new management company?

Answer: No, Suba Management Solutions will do so. This service is covered by your setup fee. Suba Management Solutions will send all tenants a short introductory letter with the following:
• Who to direct their complaints or requests to
• Who, where & How to make their rent payments
• Suba Management Solutions Contact Information

If my tenant’s lease agreements require updating or have expired, will Suba Management issue new ones?

Answer: Yes, because we believe good property management should always begin with updated documentation that’s in harmony with current California landlord-tenant law. This documentation helps to protect our client’s and ourselves. This duty will be performed at no additional charge to you.

Does Suba Management Solutions use leasing agents? If so, will I have to pay them in the event they find a tenant?

Answer: Yes, we have professional leasing agents, who have but one central goal, and that is to secure your property with the most qualified applicant. No, our clients are not responsible for their payment, but rather management.

Will Suba Management Solutions pay our property bill, such as my mortgages, gardeners, utility bills that are connected with managed property?

Answer: Yes, we can pay your property bills.
• For Single Family Home to 7 Unit: No additional fee charge.
• For 8 units or more: A small additional fee will be added for this service

Can I go online to see the progress of my property, including having access to financial statements?

Answer: Yes, you can. Suba Management Solutions will give our clients access to our Owner’s Portal, where they may obtain valuable insight as to the progress of their property and financial documentation.

Will my tenants be able to pay online?

Answer: In addition to traditional payment method, such as: mailing their rent check and in person payment at our office we offer the following:
• Online ACH Payment Method
• PayPal
• They will be issued deposit “only cards” to pay rent into trust account for client rents

If I require assistance in getting my apartment ready to rent can Suba Management Solutions assist me in doing so?

Answer: Yes, we can coordinate the complete job in order to make sure your property is ready to rent. Also, if rehabbing is necessary, we can assist you with this also. As most of our client can appreciate a great deal of work is involved in getting a unit ready to rent, so a small fee will be required.

If I have my own vendors, such as plumbers, electricians and painters, will Suba Management Solutions be willing to use them or do I have to use their vendors?

Answer: Yes, we are willing to use your vendors. We want our clients to be comfortable with the work which that will be performed at their property. So if our clients have vendors, who they have created a level of confidence, this makes our job easier.